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Spherical Plain Bearings

Spherical Plain Bearings

All About Spherical Plain Bearing And Bearing Pillow Block


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Do you have knowledge about familiar with pillow block bearing? Well, I don’t think we have knowledge about these types of bearings. Typically, these types of bearings are mixture of the upper spherical plain bearings with casting pedestal as well as double-seal. The pillow block bearings’ inner layered structure is the similar to deep groove bearings, although, the upper ring of this kind of bearing has the section balls’ upper surface.

Pillow block bearings as well as spherical ball bearing are easy to mount and dismount. They have property of self-aligning. They are hugely utilized in many types of machinery like:

  • Mining machinery 
  • Textile machinery
  • Many conveying devices
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Metallurgical machinery

With this property, these types of bearings may indemnify for flexing of the shaft or alignment errors. In many circumstances, large garden implements include bearing pillow block. It is used to align as well as support a shaft between the driven element like the drive motor and fan.

Space between the inner shaft and bore

There are space between the inner shaft and bore. Thereby, you should fixed the inner ring with shaft with the help of clamping sleeve, eccentric sleeve or tip wire, after that the bearing would rotate with shaft easily. The bearing pillow block is very compact in framework, convenient for disassembling as well as assembling. These types of bearings are perfect for easy support.

They also have several series which may be utilized in many applications. Here are few series

  • UCP 200 series
  • UCT 200 series
  • UCF 200 series
  • UCFL 200 series

It is a well known fact that angular contact ball bearings may also play a very essential role in many industries. Thus, the lubrication of this bearing becomes very important. However this is not so simple to grease the bearings except for that you follow the rules of some lubrication. You need to read the instructions of equipment manufacturer in order to identify the perfect type of grease. And you need to follow the instructions after that you can only do proper lubrication for it.